R1/050 Center Shaft
tornos sas16 spindle drive center shaft r1/050

Toggle Sleeve R2/001

tornos sas16 toggle sleeve r2/001

Toggle R1/003

tornos sas16 toggle r1/003 as12149

Spindle Gear AS12583
Center Gear AS12191-1

tornos sas16 as14 spindle gear as12583 center gear as12191-1
Pin R1/030P

tornos sas16 pin r1/030p 086470
Pin R1/032P

tornos sas16 pin r1/032p 086704
Toggle Holder R2/011

tornos sas16 toggle holder r2/011

Roller R1/041R
Needle INA

tornos sas16 roller r1/041r 086217 needle 201280

Ring Set to Phase Feed Tube

tornos sas16 ring set phaseable feed tube r2/012c

Collet AS12607
tornos sas16 collet as12607

Feed Finger AS12611

tornos sas16 feed finger as12611

Standard Feed Tube R2/012

tornos sas16 feed tube r2/012 as15/11-32

Collet Tube R2/010
max 16mm diameter bar

tornos sas16 collet tube r2/010 as15/11-26

Collet Tube R2/010B

tornos sas16 collet tube r2/010b

Standard Cams

tornos as14 sas16 standard cams

tornos as14 sas16 cross slide cam

tornos as14 sas16 toolslide cams

tornos as14 sas16 cam

Feed Gears

tornos as14 sas16 feed gears

Spindle Speed Gears

tornos as14 sas16 speed gears

Threading Gears

tornos as14 sas16 threading gears

Pulley Shaft R1/053

tornos as14 sas16 pulley shaft r1/053

Return Block R1/091

Feed Block R1/090

tornos as14 sas16 feed block r1/090 return block r1/091

Pick-Up Toggle R1/004

Pick-Up Sleeve R1K/005
SE11, AS24207, 115011

tornos as14 sas16 pick up toggle r1/004tornos as14 sas16 pick up sleeve r1k/005

Pin R1/031P

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1/031p as1311

Roller R1/031R


tornos as14 sas16 roller r1/031r as1365

Pin R1K/028

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/028 as28233

Pin R1K/033P

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/033p 086271

Pin R1K/023P

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/023p as28245

Pin R1K/030

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/030

Pin R1K/026

tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/026

Roller R1/032R

tornos as14 sas16 roller r1/032r as14269

Pin R1K/031
tornos as14 sas16 pin r1k/031 as2423

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