2003 Hydromat Epic Model HB 32/45-16 with Iemca Bundle Loader


  • Manufacture year 2003
  • Dan Voss Motors on Frequency Drives
  • Hand Held Monitors
  • 8 Units have Coolant Feed
  • 5 Ton Chiller
  • Knoll Chip System with Filtration
  • Positions currently configured as:

    1. Retractable Saw
    2H. 36/100 QC
    3H. 40/80 QC
    4H. 40/80 QC
    5V. 36/100 QC
    5H. 36/100 three axis CNC
    6H. 50/100 two axis CNC (motor mounted frequency drive)
    7H. 50/100 two axis CNC (motor mounted frequency drive)
    8H. 50/100 two axis CNC (motor mounted frequency drive)
    9V. 36/100 QC
    9H. 36/100 pickoff unit QC
    10H. 36/100 recess unit QC
    11V. 36/100 QC
    11H. 36/100 pickoff unit QC
    12V. 36/100 QC
    12H. 36/100 pickoff unit QC
    13H. 40/80 inverter
    14H. 40/80 QC
    15H. 30/60 three axis CNC
    16H. 36/100 QC





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