Shaving Tool Holders with Through Coolant and Independent Shave Fixing - Bottom Mount - Max Diameter 42mm

For Gildemeister AS25, AS32, GM35, GM42, AA32, AS40, AS48, AA48, AS67, AA67, and GWM Tech G35-6AC - Max Diameter 42mm

Shaving attachment with internal cooling directly on the tool.  New toolholder with radial adjustment and VDI fixing.  Lubricated and extended slide for a greater rigidity and smoother sliding.  Independent shave fixing for an easier axial and taper adjustment.  For ØA max 42mm.

Other dovetail sizes upon request

Gildemeister AS25
Gildemeister AS32
Gildemeister GM35
Gildemeister GM42
GWMTech G35-6AC
2-5 42.00 7614300 760300
Gildemeister AA32 6 42.00 7614300 760300
Gildemeister AS40
Gildemeister AS48
(2)-5 42.00 7614300 761300
Gildemeister AA48 6 42.00 7614300 761300
Gildemeister AS67 (2)-5 42.00 7614300 761900
Gildemeister AA67 6 42.00 7614300 761900

(position number in parenthesis) = with limitations

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